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A History of Sikalongo Mission, Part 4

Introduction ((I want to acknowledge the many people who contributed significant advice and information about this period of Sikalongo’s history. Especially important were my interviews with Stephen Muleya, Jonathan Mwaalu, Enoch Shampanani, Thuma Hamukangandu, Dennis Mweetwa, Charles and Keziah Nseemani,…read more

From the Editor

In Quest for Piety and Obedience, the authoritative history of the Brethren in Christ Church, Carlton Wittlinger details the significant changes or innovations that characterized the church during what he calls “the first period of transition” from 1880-1910: missions, local church…read more

A History of Sikalongo Mission, Part 3

Indigenization and Independence at Sikalongo, 1947-19781[1] Introduction The end of World War II brought significant changes around the world. The effects reverberated in Northern Rhodesia as well. At Sikalongo, things seemingly continued much as they had before; but even this…read more

A History of Sikalongo Mission, Part 2

Introduction The Context in 1931 Sikalongo Mission Station in 1931 after Myron Taylor’s death was an established institution with a variety of programs. Although small by comparison to other Brethren in Christ stations, the Sikalongo congregation was solid and growing….read more

A History of Sikalongo Mission, Part 1

Introduction In August 2016, the Zambian Brethren in Christ Church celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of Sikalongo Mission. There is No Difference included a brief history of the mission in 1950, but little else has been written since.[1] This history…read more

Through the Eyes of a Child

Author’s Note: On April 24 and 25, 2004, I interviewed Anna Taylor Grissinger and Mabel Frey Hensel, both widows in their early nineties, in their homes at Messiah Village, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They had been missionary kids, the children of pioneer…read more

Writing a Missions History

Recently I accepted a request to write the history of Brethren in Christ World Missions (BICWM). As a preliminary step I had lunch with the dean of historians within the Brethren in Christ Church. As we sat together he asked…read more