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Brethren in Christ Landmark to Receive Historical Marker

The Magdalena House, the Lancaster County homestead of River Brethren minister Jacob Engel (Courtesy of the Brethren in Christ Historical Library and Archives)

Magdalena House — the homestead of early River Brethren minister Jacob (Yokeli) Engel and his wife, Veronica (Fannie) Schock Engel — will soon receive a historical marker from the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission (PHMC) acknowledging its status as a state historical landmark.

An announcement made today by the PHMC listed the Magdalena House, along with 12 other PA sites, as intended recipients of the markers.

It’s great to see the PHMC acknowledging the historical significance of the Brethren in Christ Church in this way!

3 responses to “Brethren in Christ Landmark to Receive Historical Marker

  1. This is my first blog–hope it works–but in spite of my tech fears, I just have to add how excited I am about the recognition of this homestead! After the death of my father, Avery Heisey, I found a yellow booklet from the Lancaster County Historical Society in a stash he held onto during all his years in Nursing Care at Messiah Village. The booklet is Vol.LII-NO.7, dated 1948. Page 202 shows the Home of Jacob Engle, and states “This is known as the Magdalena House because it remained the home of Magdalena Engle, a spinster daughter of Bishop Engle, until her death in 1864. The Will of Jacob Engle, as translated from the original German Will, passes the house to daughter Magdalena and mentions items in the home. (See page 203-204.) I LOVE WHEN HISTORY COMES COMES ALIVE!

    A quote from Benjamin Franklin is on the back cover. “Write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.”

    1. Doris: Thanks for your comment. I, too, am excited about this recognition — I will pass along your excitement to the BIC Historical Society folks responsible for initiating this marker. I know that they are also glad the Engle homestead will be recognized in this way.

      By the way, love the quote from Franklin — such wisdom!

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