Brethren in Christ on the World Wide Web

brensinger-FPUHere are a few Brethren in Christ-related links that caught my attention over the past weeks:

– The Brethren in Christ Church in Zimbabwe (the largest Brethren in Christ conference in the world) grew by 69 percent in the last decade — a symbol of the continuing vitality of Global South Christianity

– Former Brethren in Christ pastor Terry Brensinger takes the helm as dean of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, a Mennonite Brethren institution in California’s Central Valley

– An Anabaptist congregation in the Canary Islands — the first of its kind — joins the Brethren in Christ Church

– Manor Brethren in Christ Church in Lancaster County plays host to the first-ever gathering of conservative Anabaptist groups

– Musicians from the Circle of Hope Brethren in Christ community release their first album

– Brethren in Christ woman from Zimbabwe condemns violence against women

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