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C.N. Hostetter, Jr., Would Be Proud

On November 8, the National Association of Evangelicals — an interdenominational coalition of various like-minded Protestant bodies — released a statement about its most recent resolution, which calls “for new efforts toward verifiable multilateral reductions in nuclear weapons.” The Brethren in Christ Church is a member denomination of NAE.

Here’s a taste of the resolution, via a NAE news release:

Evangelicals have displayed a longstanding commitment to protecting the sanctity of human life, based on the belief that God created human beings in his image. Nuclear weapons pose a threat to life many orders of magnitude greater than conventional arms. Their unique destructive potential raises profound spiritual, moral and ethical concerns.

Considering biblical foundations and current realties, the NAE resolution, titled “Nuclear Weapons,” states, “We renew our call and pledge our support to national leaders who adopt policies and pursue negotiations that will contribute to peace, freedom and security at home and abroad, giving particular attention to the threats posed by nuclear weapons.”

You can read more about the resolution here.

I think C.N. Hostetter, Jr. — a devoted Brethren in Christ bishop and peace advocate, as well as a long-time leader in the NAE — would be proud to see an organization to which he dedicated so much time and energy take such a position toward the military-industrial complex.

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