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Quote of the Day

“Natural life comes to an end in death; spiritual life does not. Death for the Christian is real, but transitional. . . . The holy life has no end; it simply undergoes a transition from this life to eternal life. The Christian life concludes not with a death certificate but with a promotion to glory. Hallelujah!”

— Luke Keefer, Jr., twentieth- and twenty-first-century Brethren in Christ theologian and teacher, in his book Everything Necessary: God’s Provisions for the Holy Life.

One response to Growing Up Brethren in Christ

  1. It was pure joy to be in his class before it was too late. Blessings on his family and church; I know they miss him dearly. I will save this beautiful quote for funeral sermons – thank you Devin. You’re doing a wonderful job with our rich BiC history.

  2. This morning at breakfast, some friends and I were speaking about the longing for home. This quote was an apt follow-up to that conversation. Knowing that Luke recently received his “promotion” reminds me again of the very different emotion for the individual being “promoted” and for those remaining.

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