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A Short Introduction to Anabaptism

carlisle-bicThe Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church is currently working its way through a sermon series called Q&A Sessions, in which senior pastor Josh Crain answers theological, biblical, and spiritual questions from the congregation. Since the church received too many questions to handle in a single Sunday morning series, they’ve started posting short videos each weekday, addressing a new question each day.

Tuesday’s question was a good one — and one that readers of The Search for Piety and Obedience might be interested in: What is Anabaptism?

Click here to see how Josh answered.

I’m impressed that the Carlisle congregation has been more engaged with its Anabaptist heritage in recent years. I enjoyed former pastor Doug Sider’s talk on Christian peace back in 2013, and also appreciated Josh’s talk on two-kingdom theology at Roxbury Holiness Camp this summer. (Scroll to 47:00 to hear Josh’s talk.) Since some have observed that the Brethren in Christ in North America are moving away from their Anabaptist heritage, I hope to see more of this kind of preaching and teaching from Carlisle and other congregations.