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August 2012 Issue of Brethren in Christ History and Life

I’m really, really behind on promoting this issue of the Brethren in Christ History and Life journal. Nevertheless, I’m really excited about this one — the first issue edited by me and new editor-in-chief Harriet Sider Bicksler! Here’s the table of contents:

– Lois A. Saylor, “The Life Vicarious: Writing and Wandering in Poetry”

– John R. Yeatts, “Why Is Our History Important?: The Significance of the Brethren in Christ Tradition for the Twenty-First Century”

– Luke L. Keefer, Jr., “The Three Streams in Our Heritage: Separate or Parts of a Whole?”

– Elizabeth Claassen Thrush, “Fellow Pilgrims: A Response to Luke L. Keefer, Jr.”

– Scott Elkins, “Sipping from the Fire Hydrant of Evangelicalism: A Response to Luke L. Keefer, Jr.”

Readers: What are your favorite articles in this most recent issue of the journal, and why?

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