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Brethren in Christ on the World Wide Web

Here are a few Brethren in Christ-related links that caught my attention over the past weeks:

h-frank-kipe– Remembering former Brethren in Christ missionary and U.S. bishop H. Frank Kipe (here and here)

– Bishop Danisa Ndlovu of Zimbabwe reflects on a “treasured inheritance” from the Brethren in Christ Church: obedience.

Honoring people while opposing war

– Bunker Hill Brethren in Christ Church in West Virginia celebrates its 25th anniversary

bic-women– Brethren in Christ women from around the world participate in “Sister Care” workshops

– Messiah College alumna reflects on campus community on November 22, 1963

One response to “Brethren in Christ on the World Wide Web

  1. I am honored that you linked my blog. I have now linked “my small college” to Messiah College–so any reader will know where I went. I am immensely gratified by the wonderful education I received at Messiah College. I had world-class professors there–Robert Sider, Morris Sider and D. Ray Heisey among them. I learned more about literature and the Bible than at any other point in my life. Even though I have continued my own education (which is a life-long pursuit), the foundation I received at Messiah is part of the base upon which my life’s edifice has been built.

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