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Fiftieth Anniversary of Closing of Upland College Marked

Thanks to Jon Stuckey, director of development at Messiah College, for this guest post.

On November 8, 2015, over 120 Upland College and Messiah College alumni gathered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of Upland College. Several alumni participated in the evening’s program. Upland College alums E. Morris Sider (’52) and Daniel Chamberlain (’53) delivered meaningful and poignant reflections. Longtime Upland choral director and internationally recognized musician, H. Royce Saltzman (Messiah Junior College ’48), directed an alumni choir. The event was opened in prayer by Sheena Thrush, a 2010 graduate of Messiah College who has many family connections to both the Upland and Grantham communities. The closing prayer was offered by Upland Mayor, Ray Musser, a 1953 graduate of Messiah Academy.

Part of the event included a silent auction of an Upland College quilt, which was created by Noreen Trautwein (Upland College ’60). Proceeds from the quilt were added to the total of funds raised for the Upland Alumni Scholarship Endowment, which supports students from greater Upland and those west of the Mississippi who wish to attend Messiah. The scholarship fund was established in 2009 and the goal of the event was to raise the total endowment to $50,000 in honor of the 50th year of Upland’s closing. Event sponsors and additional contributions from attendees helped grow the endowment to $66,000. Faye Bert (Messiah Junior College ’42) hosted the event at the Red Hill Country Club. Earlier in the day, Upland alumni had the opportunity to meet and visit at the Upland Church and tour the campus of the former Upland College.

Messiah President Kim Phipps planned to attend the evening, but due to illness, her comments were presented by Jon Stuckey, director of development. As this was the last official gathering of Upland College alumni, Dr. Stuckey encouraged Upland alums that the mission of Upland College continues to thrive in the lives of Messiah College graduates. He also encouraged Messiah alumni, noting that their alma mater continues to flourish in its mission to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character, and Christian faith in preparation for live of service, leadership, and reconciliation. The event concluded with the singing of the Upland College alma mater, which was composed by William Haldeman (Upland College ’53).

Photos from the event (compliments of Jeremy Musser):

Brethren in Christ historian E. Morris Sider addresses the group
Brethren in Christ historian E. Morris Sider addresses the group
Former Upland College president Daniel Chamberlain speaks to the group
Quilt by Noreen Trautwein which was auctioned off
Quilt by Noreen Trautwein which was auctioned off
Display of Upland College yearbooks
Alumni join in singing the Upland College alma mater


One response to “Fiftieth Anniversary of Closing of Upland College Marked

  1. Sure wish I could have attended this reunion.
    My family has a long history with Upland College. I spent some of my first years as a child there and was working as a 1W worker on campus when it closed. It is also where I met my wife.
    Good memories, Warren

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