Photo Friday: Independence Day, Zambian Style

Thirty-six hours before the creation of the Republic of Zambia, leaders from the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia — including chair Frank Kipe (far left), bishop of the Brethren in Christ Church in Africa — met with President Kenneth Kuanda (third from left) to express their support of his administration. (Courtesy of the Brethren in Christ Historical Library and Archives.)

On October 24, 1964 — 46 years ago on Sunday — Northern Rhodesia officially became the Republic of Zambia, ending years of struggle between the ruling British and the African nationalists. Dr. Kenneth Kuanda became the nation’s first president.

Thirty-six hours before independence, four members of the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) — a trans-denominational Christian organization — expressed their support for the new administration during a meeting with the soon-to-be-president.

Today’s Photo Friday installment captures a moment of their meeting.

Note the presence of Frank Kipe — bishop of the Brethren in Christ Church in Africa and chair of the EFZ — at the meeting.

One thought on “Photo Friday: Independence Day, Zambian Style”

  1. Avatargish

    I was at the national celebration in Lusaka on Oct 24, 1964 and it was a splendid and thrilling time. One of my treasured memories.

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