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Quote of the Day

ej-swalm“The application of principles is always more difficult that the announcement of those principles. . . . There has been entirely too much loose thinking and it has not all been outside the Brethren in Christ Church. . . . If that be true, the Brethren in Christ have little time left to gird up their loins and get back to the place of unity. Checking over the figures we find that we are not much better than fifty-fifty in our opinions of non-resistance. That ought to send us to our faces, because if we cannot do something about it now we have lost the doctrine just as some other churches who are no longer peace minded.”

E. J. Swalm, twentieth century Brethren in Christ bishop, evangelist, and peace advocate, reporting on the “status” of the Brethren in Christ peace position after World War II, in a 1946 Evangelical Visitor article.

HT = Brooke Strayer (and her recent presentation on the Brethren in Christ peace position)