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Quote of the Day

“. . . a church needs to recognize the need of both [conservatives and progressives] within its camp, each counterbalancing the extremes of the other. If they refuse to recognize a place for each other and fight each other for domination, the church will certainly be wrecked. If they recognize each other and, sincerely and prayerfully in a spirit of mutual love, endeavor to chart out a safe course for the successful accomplishment of the church’s mission, the blessing of Heaven will be manifest.”

— Albert H. Engle, twentieth-century Brethren in Christ missionary and teacher, describing the virtues of a diverse Christian community in a 1948 Evangelical Visitor article.

5 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Devin, You find the most wonderful quotes from BIC leaders of the past. Albert Engle’s words provide good advice to government leaders and every day citizens, as surely as his words are helpful to today’s churches. Perhaps it is because we have fallen prey to partisan rhetoric within our congregations that the “manfest blessings of Heaven” are in short supply.

  2. Devin: You probably will be hearing from others as well. Just letting you know that the
    picture is not Albert and Margie Engle. It is Rev. J. Paul and EstherGeorge who also had been mission workers in Kentucky. I do not question the quote, but wanted you to know about the picture. We enjoy your blog very much.

  3. Rebekah: Thanks! I’m continually encouraged by the witness of the past, and glad that I have the opportunity to share these remarkable insights with others. You’re right about the relevance of this quote to today — both within the church and without.

    Lela: Thanks for your informative note about the picture. It must’ve been mislabeled in the Archives! I’ll have to ask Glen to send me an actual picture of Albert and Margie. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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