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“What Is an Evangelical?”

Over at his blog The Way of Improvement Leads Home, Messiah College professor and blogger John Fea has been uploading new videos to his Virtual Office Hours series. One of his most recent, “What is an Evangelical?” is fascinating viewing.

If you watch the post, you’ll see that Fea offers a good five-minute overview of the various ways that scholars of religion have tried to define the term “Evangelical” — a notoriously unstable category. He spends most of his time talking about the famous Bebbington quadrilateral, a popular definition of Evangelicalism developed by a British historian in his 1989 book Evangelicalism in Modern Britain. (By the way, I’ll be hearing Bebbington and several other prominent scholars speak about the 25th anniversary of this book tomorrow, at the 2014 Conference on Faith and History.) And then he talks about the many cultural markers that have come to define Evangelicalism in the 20th century.

Readers: What would you add to Fea’s definitions of Evangelicalism?

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